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rely controlled violence that disrupts and distorts all of Shepard's families, that is at the heart of much of his best work. In Shepard's world, romantic love as the meeting of two souls and the family as the nurturing heart of American life are nothing but delusions. "They're wonderful retreats from the illusion of being protected from spinning off the planet. But I don't believe it. And I never did."So you didn't celebrate Valentine's Day then?"Oh yes. We just did. I bought her a couple of bottles of wine. I don't drink."It's not the most romantic gift, I say."They were two really good bottles of wine. Really good ones. Oh, and a tape measure. Because she was putting up a painting."Love in Shepard's universe is never straightforward, never wholly life-enhancing; it's life-destroying, too, a struggle for power or control; a curse as well as a blessing. He and Lange have survived but the relationship was "tumultuous" from the outset. "I mean, we have long periods of relative calm. But then you know锟斤拷"But you've always seemed like such an incredible match."Yeah, well, we're definitely an incredible match. But, you know, not without fireworks锟斤拷 although at this point, you know, she's the only woman I could live with. Who could live with me! What other woman would put up with me?"She is, he says, the most honest person he's ever met. "I've never known her, ever, to lie about anything. And I couldn't say that about锟斤拷"Yourself?"About myself. About anybody. Men lie all the time."Really?"You don't know that?" he
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Getting a UN Security Council resolution would be tough given Chinese and especially Russian opposition, but without being too Rumsfeldian, does every military intervention require a UN writ? It is certainly preferable, but not a requirement .. If there is no intervention and political will to stop Assad's crimes remains absent, the world will once again have to answer for standing on the sidelines of a mass murder. It is also hard to ignore the possibility that bringing down Assad would advance the long-standing American goal of isolating Iran. Any post-Assad government in Damascus would not likely look to Iran for support, but instead to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. That would be a net benefit for Washington and others looking to limit Iran's influence in the Arab world.Marc Lynch, a fellow contributor to Foreign Policy magazine, provides this riposte to Cook.Risky, costly foreign policy decisions can not simply be taken to express moral outrage. They need to have a serious chance of success. None of the military options currently under discussion have a reasonable chance of improving the situation at an acceptable cost, and their failure would likely pave the way to something far worse. Military intervention in Syria has little prospect of success, a high risk of disastrous failure, and a near-certainty of escalation which should make the experience of Iraq weigh extremely heavily on anyone contemplating such an intervention. There is no magic number of deaths at which the U.S. must embark on a self-defeati
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ngland in the CB Series, Pakistan 1992, Real Madrid 1999-2000 - for England to actually win this thing, but it's not going to happen, is it?10th over: Sri Lanka 66-1 (chasing 220) It's a World XI at one end and Ilford 2nd XI at the other, as Graham Gooch once said of playing New Zealand in Richard Hadlee's pomp. No liberties are being taken against Bond, and there's just one from that over. "Rules Of Attraction is sodding awful. Comfortably the worst cinematic experience I've ever had, and the only time I ever wanted to leave the cinema enough to disregard the mantra of getting my ticket's worth," doth protest Mark Nunn, who obviously hasn't seen Human Traffic. "It pissed me off so much I have to complain aggressively any time anybody ever mentions it, ever." I think it falls into that category of films whose premise was actually pretty good, thus making the essential naffness all the more frustrating. Like The Last Kiss, Human Traffic and, er, Wild, Wild West.11th over: Sri Lanka 71-1 (chasing 220) Fleming hasn't taken the second Powerplay, and nor would I with Gillespie bowling. It hasn't been Fleming's day, though - he made a duck and he's just dropped his second chance, and this time it was the dangerman Jayasuriya. It was a hard chance, one-handed to his left at short midwicket as Jayasuriya picked up Gillespie, but he should probably have taken it. Interestingly, New Zealand were 23 for two at this stage of their innings. "I think it might be that notoriously difficult second innings that's causing th
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r a five-day course including full board and accommodation; next course starts 23 April (01654 704952, bit.ly/u8ome0)Robert McCrum The Observer,Sunday 17 December 2000 00.39 GMTJohn Le Carr was born in 1931. His third novel, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, secured him an international reputation, which was consolidated by the acclaim for his trilogy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley's People. The Constant Gardener is his eighteenth novel. Observer: What is The Constant Gardener about? John Le Carr: At the level that is closest to me it's about somebody making an interior journey and discovering, after a flawed life, some kind of morality. Beyond that it's about the same subject that I've written about right from the beginning, which is man's relationship with the institutions he creates - whether they're intelligence institutions or commercial. Beyond that again, it's about what we now have in place of nations: a corporate ethic subscribed to - to my total frustration - by the present government. The extraordinary belief that at the centre of corporations lies a moral purpose, some humanitarian self-restraint. It's nonsense. Obs: Was there a moment of inspiration for the book? JLC: It was cumulative. Since The Honourable Schoolboy I have started paying much more attention to the Third World. I found myself drawn repeatedly to former colonies. Cumulatively I was aware of the level of repression and bullying which was happening in the name of western de
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t the crossroads. I want to suggest that the regulatory status quo may not give viewers the protections and assurances they expect in a world of superfast broadband networks, fixed and mobile, delivering content live and on demand and online through connected TVs. As a result I'll argue that we will need a more coherent overall approach to digital media, covering linear broadcast at one end and internet publishing at the other. For clarity's sake, I mean a coherent approach not a single structure. In parallel, as we all know, the future of press regulation is under scrutiny at a time when newspapers are rapidly expanding the scale and scope of their digital services and this needs to be considered in this broader context. And as we consider these points, I want to propose four straightforward principles that might help us as navigate to a sensible destination: 锟斤拷 We must start and finish with the public interest. Public expectation and public trust must override commercial, political or institutional self-interest. 锟斤拷 The approach must work both for 'traditional' media 锟紺 such broadcast and print, which has clear boundaries 锟紺 as well as digital media whose boundaries are more fluid. 锟斤拷 Where regulation is judged necessary, it must be effective; it must be capable of building and sustaining public trust. To do this, in its various forms, it must draw on a core set of characteristics which lie at the heart of any system which is both independent and effective. 锟斤拷 And finally, but equally important, the a
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siness development at Brazil's Rabobank.9.08am: Here is the video of an excellent session yesterday on sustainable capitalism with Marks Spencer, Nestle and Climate Change Capital.Check this out.9.10am: There is no peak in sight to the increase in consumption. So even though populations may stop growing at 10bn, the amount of food we need to produce will soar, says Jason Clay. This is why deforestation is taking place and why we are heading for environmental disaster.9.15am: Jason Clay of WWF says we need to concentrate on where economies are growing. These are the 36 countries that grew at 7pc last year.There are five commodities that lead to huge deforestation: timber, paper and pulp, palm oil, soy and beef. Most of this happens in just four countries.There are also less than 50 companies that control 25p.c of these commodities so it is important to be strategic.BUT the problem is we have worked with the best, hold them up and reward them for doing a good job. They can pull others to change.The bottom performers is where the biggest impact is. Clay says: "If we do not change the bottom we are just playing on the surface. The way to move the bottom is to get the government involved."9.16am: Jason Clay says we have got to bring externalities into pricing so the true environmental costs are reflected. There are lots of discussions but "we need to work out a system that works."9.19am: Gavin Neath of Unilever says it was right for Greenpeace to attack the company in 2008.: "We felt we were being conscien
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GLA business. However, I think it would be important to make sure the young people involved were those who've become disconnected from the mainstream but have the potential to make a good contribution to London and the parts of it they come from, rather than children from backgrounds that almost guarantee success in life. Do you agree?MickGJ suggests:There's something seriously wrong with a city where more and more of the working population are travelling in from further and further away and more and more of the population that actually live in the capital are unable to find work. Once the inner city boroughs had succeeded in driving away the city's manufacturing and other industries and the factories had become expensive flats this situation was never going to reverse itself.Doubtless there are some who will argue that the answer is more social housing but to what end?DavidHill responds:Hi. The more I've thought and learned about the mechanisms and character of London's economy this week, the more it seems to me that the Model Mayor would tailor his or her regeneration strategies with a view to addressing the problems you mention. Strong arguments are emerging for an integrated housing/place-making/transport/economic development approach that enables people to live in places they can afford and close to places where they can find work. This might be consistent with a broader decentralising and diversifying approach to London's economy. A successful approach of this kind might give more young people more c
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ya conflict could be as high as 锟斤拷1.75bn 锟紺 almost seven times more than government estimates, according to a new study. Research by the respected defence analyst, Francis Tusa, suggests that the government has given a misleading picture of the costs of supporting the military operation, now in its seventh month, leading to demands for a proper spending breakdown.Israel and the Palestinian territoriesThe Palestinian leadership is to press for a vote as soon as possible on its demand for full statehood at the United Nations security council as President Mahmoud Abbas returned to Ramallah to declare before cheering crowds that the "Palestinian Spring" had begun. The 15-member security council is due to begin considering the Palestinian request on Monday amid rising tensions in the West Bank following the shooting dead of a Palestinian villager by Israeli soldiers and the death of a Jewish settler and his son in a car crash that police said was probably caused by rock-throwing.IranJoshua Fattal and Shane Bauer the two American hikers held for more than two years in an Iranian prison, claimed they were detained because of their nationality. In their first press conference since being freed under a $1m (锟斤拷640,000) bail deal, Bauer said: From the very start, the only reason we have been held hostage is because we are American. Iran has always tied our case to its political disputes with the US.9.06am: Nato ordered a halt to street fighting in Sirte yesterday so that it planes could attack Gaddafi's forces.Nato ha
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t coast of Finland. People spend up to nine months hunkered down against the cold and dark, and you can see their pragmatism in the plain concrete and clapboard architecture. Today the sky is blue and the place awash with light, and walking the streets couldn't be more pleasant, yet I feel as though I'm pacing a hall of mirrors. The world of energy will do this to you.Half an hour's drive through the forest, French and German companies are building a vast nuclear power station, Olkiluoto3, which, like its sister construction in France, has been beset with problems. Nonetheless, the pair are being presented as part of a "nuclear renaissance", driven by the price of fossil fuels, the need to reduce carbon emissions and the perceived impossibility of meeting our energy needs via renewable sources. Encouraged by the UK government, a behind-the-scenes scramble for control of the sites supporting our existing fleet of 19 reactors is under way, on the assumption that these will be the most likely spots for new-build. With up to a third of these old stations due for retirement within 20 years, the UK is being seen as a beachhead from which new fleets might be rolled out across Europe and the world. This week Gordon Brown was enthusing about the jobs they would create. Areva, the French leader of the consortium behind Olkiluoto and of the putative renaissance, hopes to sell 100 of its new European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) stations by 2030. At somewhere between 2.5bn and 5bn each (1.9bn and £
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ote d'Azur, playground of the rich and famous. When Tao opened a nightclub, where dazed debutantes could tango all night with swarthy, flashing-eyed fishermen, he kick-started the transformation of Calvi into one of the Med's most sophisticated spots. Today, Calvi is Corsica's St Tropez. The quay has a strip of self-consciously pricey bars, their crammed tables and sun canopies just a short hop from the decks of the yachts which crowd the harbour. For the millionaires who own these floating gin palaces, Calvi is an easy day out from Nice or Cannes. Chez Tao still exists, and though rough trade Bohemianism has given way to super-cool cocktail-sipping, it's one of the places where the cast of Hello! (or Paris Match) are most likely to be found. Charter flights (from Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester and, as of this month, Bristol) have brought Calvi within the range of the UK budget traveller - though the really low-cost airlines have yet to arrive. There's no chance of Calvi heading down-market. Rigid planning controls govern the look of new buildings, and the town's mostly low-rise hotels have a reputation for high quality. In bars you often see reproductions of Art Deco posters from the 1930s, celebrating Calvi's plage. The town couldn't have achieved - or held on to - its fame without the sabre of white sand that curves east for almost three miles. The beach, with its stylish bars, belongs to bare-breasted women coolly posing on rented sun-loungers while muscled windsurfers run around competing for their atte
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pletion! Flacco is really helping out the Texans here with the clock.Cundiff comes in to kick a 44-yard field goal....and it's GOOD!But there's still plenty of time on the clock. Can the Ravens hang on?Ravens 20 - Texans 13, 2:00 4th Quarter: A solid return by Houston on the kickoff and Yates will start with the ball on his own 28.And Yates comes out throwing...and finds Andre Johnson for a big first down! 18 yards....Yates throws again...and finds Johnson again! 16 more yards...to the Baltimore 38.But Johnson loses the ball...FUMBLE!The refs say down by contact. But was it?We'll find out after the two-minute warning.Ravens 20 - Texans 13, 1:51 4th Quarter: Upon further review...Johnson was down. Yates is in business on the Baltimore 38.He goes deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....toward the end zone...INTERCEPTION!Ed Reed makes a superb pick on the 4!Ravens 20 - Texans 13, 1:44 4th Quarter: That's a heartbreaker for Yates and the Texans. They were really threatening there.Flacco takes over on his own 4...and goes to the running game. They pick up 9 yards and Houston uses a timeout.Ravens 20 - Texans 13, 1:38 4th Quarter: On 2nd down, Ray Rice does not pick up the first down...and Houston uses it's last timeout.After further review...he's still short.Ravens 20 - Texans 13, :45 4th Quarter And on 3rd down and inches...Leach comes up short!Big stop by the Houston defense!Baltimore will punt and the Texans take over on their own 48.Is it TJ Time?Ravens 20 - Texans 13, :20 4th Quarter: Houston has no timeouts and Yates
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told Salon in an email: "Ron Suskind's reporting was carefully reported and vigorously fact-checked." If Times readers did not already know the paper's relationship with the White House was in serious disrepair, they found out on September 18. That day, Times reporter Rick Lyman wrote a front-page piece about how, despite having been assigned by the country's most influential newspaper to cover Cheney's re-election campaign, he was not welcome on Air Force Two, where 10 seats were reserved for the travelling press corps. None was available for him, or for the previous Times reporter assigned to the Cheney beat. Lyman's article, headlined Chasing Dick Cheney, was written with a slightly tongue-in-cheek tone (as much irony as the still-staid Times allows) but could not mask the strain between the paper and the White House, the kind of rift usually kept from public view as administration and news officials exchange behind-the-scene phone calls to try to patch things up. Cheney had already made clear this summer that he had no intentions of maintaining cordial relations with the Times when he blasted its coverage of the 9/11 commission as "outrageous" and "malicious." And in August, during his convention acceptance speech just 10 blocks from the Times newsroom, Bush derided the paper, suggesting it was a fount of wrongheaded pessimism. "In 1946, 18 months after the fall of Berlin to allied forces, a journalist wrote in the New York Times: 'Germany is ... a land in an acute stage of economic, political and moral
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ton that has gridlocked the most routine business, lawmakers moved at a breakneck pace, taking just five days to pass special legislation to solve the problem. To avoid furloughs and shorten waits for airline passengers, they allowed the FAA to spend funds that had been intended for long-term airport repairs and improvements. Flights left on time 锟紺 at least until runways cracked and crumbled. The Pentagon, the military behemoth of planet earth, which in 2013 accounted for 40% of military spending globally and its outlays exceeding the next 10 largest militaries combined, too, wa
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folk 64,982 Norwich North 84.67 Norwich South Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough & Suffolk 73,569 Norwich South 100 Peterborough North Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough & Suffolk 9,660 Cambridgeshire North West 12.43 Peterborough North Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough & Suffolk 68,036 Peterborough 87.57 Peterborough South Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough & Suffolk 13,647 Cambridgeshire North East 18.38 Peterborough South Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough & Suffolk 55,480 Cambridgeshire North West 75.22 Peterborough South Cambridgeshire, Norf
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ch media that just didn't understand how or why Am锟斤拷lie was such a success. The fact that it and she were so commercially successful just made things worse and she got hit even harder. It was intellectual snobbery."In the 12 years since Am锟斤拷lie's release, Tautou has had difficulty shaking off the innocent, naive and meddlesome girl from Montmartre who came out with lines like: "At least you're not a vegetable 锟紺 even artichokes have hearts".As the American critic Anthony Lane wrote in his New Yorker review of her performance in the 2009 film Coco Before Chanel: "The problem for A
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ctly what you do, we think it's awesome, and we want you to do more of it."Pool's first assignment for Vice had been due to be the G8 summit, and the likely protests around it. But then riots started in Istanbul, leading to a change of plan.And two days before leaving for Turkey, Pool's Glass arrived, after he'd been accepted for Google's Glass Explorer early-adopters programme earlier in the year."As soon as I saw Google Glass, I realised that it would allow me to do what I always do with this first-person live recording, but my hands would be free," he says."I don't want to sta
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